No more shopping!

 In Bern city 
This early morning my mum had this bad idea of looking for a swimsuit for her in the city. She tought if we go very early there will be less people and she planned if we hurry back we could go for a swim after lunch. So off we go!  One hour later we got back home and my mum was ready to burst into tears and it was not even 11am yet! Why? Because she came home without a nice swimsuit for her. But mostly because I was screaming, crying and was very angry all the time we were in town. She gave me a piece of bread and I was quite for a moment. She thought of buying me 1kg of breadloaf so she could be tranquil but ofcourse she didnt do it so we went home. For me shopping is pure boredom and I hope she understand it now. And I think she did because this afternoon she took me back to city but this time she took me to splash some water with Thaivin and Lydia!😅

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