When I fall asleep...

Have you ever wonder what your parents do after you have falling asleep?
Since I was born my mum has always complain of how much she miss going to cinema. Or ATLEAST be watching a movie at home. We don't have a TV so normally they watch on Ipad a movie on streaming. But they have been soooo tired and never been able to watch a movie to the end. 
So dad managed to convince mum to buy a projector so they can enjoy a good movie the way they deserve. Mum enjoyed the big screen very much but dad didn't! 
He said that he was seeing rainbow and colors on screen so he almost got headache!😂 After some research on IT it seems as dad is seeing a so called " A Rainbow effect". Dad was not happy but luckly we managed to return the machine and got all our money back. So now my parents are back to wacthing a movie on Ipad!😂

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