Our 2015

My parents ended their round the world trip and started 2015 in New York.
 The only vaccation in 2015 for us. A mini road trip at Côte d'Azur.
 Between the chips, ice-cream and chocolat my parents did alot of walking.
 Summer 2015 was very very hot. Some days it was up to 40 degres!  So my mum spend many days swimming.
2015 was all about the belly! 
 And after some month of waiting I finally decided to come out on the 3 of september at 3.33 am.
 My first bath at home!
  At my first month my mormor came to play!
 The beautiful falls came with all the warms colors.
 In november the sun was still shining bright and the winter seems to be very very far away!
 My first swing ride!
I did some hanging around with my girlfriend Saya!
 And on my first christmas day I took a warm bath of gift!
I'm happy with my 2015! And how about you?