Life in Bern

Here are some photos of the fun moments!❤️
Some of my mums friends have asked how life is in Bern. I can truly say that we are very happy in Bern! First of all we are happy in our new flat! No noises from the neighbours and no noises from the parking lot or the garage!!! My parents told me that the only annoying noises we have here is the birds and me at 6 o'clock in the morning!😂 I have make some good friends who are living near by and going to the city takes only 6 minutes by train! And we have dad every wednesday with us!
But my mum has been depressed for a couple of days now. She is a travelholic and ever since we came home from Ticino she feels like beeing a staying home mum is not fun! I don't write what we do everyday because I try to write what I think might be fun for me to read when I'm older. The days I'm not writing we often hang out with friends and eat good food, go swimming or having a picnic at a parc. We have fun so I don't understand why she feels this way! My mum said that one day I might understand the feelings of a travelholic! 

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