A disaster day!

Holiday! Orselina, Locarno
A last minute roadtrip to the italian speaking part of Switzerland for four days! Yesterday morning we packed our backpacks in a hurry wanting to do a hike my mum has been talking about for years. Normally it should take around 2 1/2 hours to arrive but it tooked us a bit over 5hours! Talking about traffic! Seeing my parents frustrated in the car I decided not to whine and my parents are very thankful for my decision!❤️ Arrived late that afternoon my parents decided to do a very small hike but once up on the mountain it was windy and very very cold! So cold my teeth were shivering! So, with alot of disappointment we went back down to the car and drove to the hotel. My mum heart was broken because she didn't get to do the hike she dream of for so long! Precious time and day wasted in the car!😩 Today is looking so much better! We are at the moment visiting my fathers uncle Daniel and his wife Barbara in their second home in Locarno. We are eating good food and enjoying the view.😘

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