11 month

 My parents think that I'm a calm baby but I have my moments!
11 month and 1 year soon to be!đŸ’ȘđŸ»
This eleventh month I love banana! I can eat a whole banana in less than 1 minute! In fact, I love to eat most of the things and what I don't like I just drop it on the floor! I love books! Especially those with animals and babies. I even know how to push the buttom on the sound books so the animals make sounds! There are alot of things I undertand my parents such as "give me a kiss" or "one more time". If I have done something good I clap my hands. I can eat out of a plate without throwing it on the floor but when I'm done it will end up on the floor anyhow!
I still love my mum breast and even more than before! So much that it has become a problem! I will tell you guys more about it another day. Beside all this, we love each other very very much!❀
11 mĂ„nader nu men snart blir jag ett Ă„r!đŸ’ȘđŸ» Denna mĂ„nad Ă€lskar jag bananer! Jag kan Ă€ta en hel inom nĂ„gra sekunder! Jag Ă€lskar att Ă€ta nĂ€stan allt faktis och det som jag inte tycker om slĂ€pper jag bara ner pĂ„ golvet! Jag Ă€lskar böcker! Speciellt dĂ€r det handlar om djur och bebisar! Jag kan nu helt sjĂ€lv trycka pĂ„ knappen pĂ„ mina ljudböcker! Jag kan Ă€ven förstĂ„ mycket det mina förĂ€ldrar sĂ€ger som "puss puss" eller "engĂ„ng till". Jag klappar mina hĂ€nder nĂ€r jag vet att jag har gjort nĂ„gonting bra. Jag Ă€ter nu ur en tallrik utan att kasta det pĂ„ golvet men nĂ€r jag har Ă€tit fĂ€rdig hamnar den pĂ„ golvet Ă€ndĂ„! Jag Ă€lskar fortfarande min mammas bröst! Jag Ă€lskar dom sĂ„ mycket att det har blivit en problem! Jag ska skriva om det nĂ€sta gĂ„ng. Bortse frĂ„n det sĂ„ Ă€lskar vi varandra jĂ€tte jĂ€tte mycket!❀

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