Bún bò Huế

 You can easily find a receipe on IT. And its very fast and simpel to make. We did without any meat.
While my parents are eating this delicious homemade vietnamese noodle soup they are talking about how paranoid they were after they got scammed three times in Vietnam. One morning they went for a bowl of noodle soup and the waitress keep bringing food they didn't order. Not trusting anyone anymore my parents said to each other "They will make us pay all this things we didn't order and they will double the price!". Very suspicious my parents made sure not to touch anything except the bowl of noodles. When the bill came they saw it was very cheap but since my parents didn't know what the real price was they were sure that the lady fooled them. 
Now some years later thinking back my parents are laughing about it! Now, they are sure that they didn't got fooled because the bill was about 2$ only.

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