Cry out: round 4

Here are some photos from last sunday enjoying the snow at Châlet-de-Gobet
So my parents are trying "cry it out" methode again on me and we just passed our fourth night....alive! The first two nights I was waking up after midnight almost every hour. To my parents relief I was not really crying out loud  but more like nagging and complaining...for about 10-15 minutes each time. And at 5am I finally got my milk!😋
On the third night I was complaining less but I still woke up almost every hour and that night I got my milk at 3am😋 and I slept well after that.
Last night I didn't wake up every hour and I complain only once but by 4am I just needed my milk so I was crying out loud so milk I got!😋
I'm confused!  She knows that I'm able to go without milk atleast 6 hours but she still gives me milk depending the time of my last milk. If it pass 5hours she gives me milk...but the point is to brake this habit of giving milk during night  right? 

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